Book Tour: The Abyss Within

Do you dare confront The Abyss Within? Featuring 13 chilling tales of survival and madness, this anthology is bound to keep you up at night! Featuring works from: Frederick Pangbourne, Jim Tritten, Jerod S. Smelker, J. T. Lozano, Rebecca Rowland, Tabitha Potts, Jacek Wilkos, Chris Tattersall, Lisa Shea, Kerri Spellar, Jeni Lawes, Cassandra Jones. This is a charity anthology in support of Women’s Aid, all profits will be donated to Women’s Aid.

Genre: Horror, Short Story, Anthology

Date of Publication: October 31st, 2020

Publisher: SmashBear Publishing

My rating: 4/5

I received a copy of The Abyss Within in exchange for being part of the Book Tour. A big thanks to Jennifer Slater, SmashBear Publishing and the authors featured in the Abyss Within for letting me participate! All the proceeds from this anthology will be donated to Women’s Aid, a very worthy cause!

The Abyss Within is a collection of short stories, each with their own scary theme. I enjoy horror in the form of short stories because it allows little bursts of thrill without getting too overwhelming. It’s also great for reading in bits and pieces, so I never have to leave a story during a critical moment. This particular anthology has something for everyone, with themes varying from the undead, to cults, to good old fashioned revenge. Of course, with varying authors and styles, you may not enjoy every story equally, but I feel like all 13 tales in this anthology held their own in terms of quality and scare-factor. 

I found each of the short stories to be entertaining in their own individual way. The tone of each story varied, some were first person and some were third person narratives, and even the structure of the stories differed, so it never gets stale. Of course, I did have favourites, and I think The Munchies was the one that had me the most creeped out. Tea for Two was also quite interesting story-wise, and a close second for my personal preference. Voodoo Doll was also unique in that I really hated the main character, but in a good way. It’s not often that the narrator is such a despicable person, it was refreshing! I don’t want to reveal anything more than that, I feel like even the title is giving too much away! When I read the anthology I went in completely blind, and not knowing what to expect made it all the more scary. This anthology felt like the ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ books, but geared towards adults. And it was a lot of fun to experience stories from a bunch of different authors, because it gave each story a distinct voice.

The Abyss Within is a great read for horror fans looking for a sample platter of scary stories, all with wildly different plots. And as an added bonus, the anthology includes a handy ‘Content Warning’ reference guide for each story at the back, which is helpful to peruse if you have any concerns. Overall I thought The Abyss Within was fun, freaky, and all the proceeds go to charity so what could be better?

Here is the link to the SmashBear Publishing website so you order your copy today! And be sure to check out the other blogs taking part in the book tour!


  1. Lisa Shea says:

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed my Voodoo Doll story! Thank you for your great review :).

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