Cookbook Review – Simply Delicious Vegan by Caitlin Shoemaker

I really enjoy cooking, and tend to try out at least one new recipe a week. I love exploring new cookbooks and trying a variety of different cuisines so mealtime stays interesting and exciting. My household is primarily plant-based, so a lot of the recipes I make are vegetarian or fully vegan whenever possible. Finding tasty, consistent, and easy-to-follow recipes isn’t always simple. This is especially true for vegan recipes, which can sometimes involve some harder-to-find ingredients. 

Since I’m going through so many cookbooks already, I figured I might as well review them! (They are cookbooks after all). I figured a good way to review cookbooks would be to actually cook/bake a handful of the recipes, and judge based on practicality, difficulty, taste, and overall turnout. And hey, why not show the cooking/baking process on top of it? 

My first cookbook review is on Simple Delicious Vegan, by Caitlin Shoemaker. Caitlin has a ton of recipes on her blog From My Bowl, and released her first cookbook December 2020. The first recipe I tried is her Fudgy Tahini Raspberry Brownies, which you can find in my first ever (and pretty rough) Booktube video here!

The Fudgy Tahini Raspberry Brownies were dense, moist, and very tahini-forward, just as promised! They were very easy to make, and only took me 15 minutes, with minimal clean-up afterwards. Caitlin includes handy substitutions if you aren’t a fan of tahini, and her recipe description includes useful information for any leftovers you might have.

I plan on making a few more of her recipes, ideally one from each chapter, so make sure to check back for the next video instalment! 

Check out Caitlin’s awesome blog and her cookbook here

Are you already familiar with Simply Delicious Vegan? Let me know what recipes you’ve tried in the comments!


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