Cookbook Review – Simply Delicious Vegan by Caitlin Shoemaker pt. 2

I’m back again with another cookbook review! If you missed part 1 of the review series for Simply Delicious Vegan by Caitlin Shoemaker, you can find it here.

For part 2 I decided to try a recipe from her breakfast chapter. I’ve made a few of the sweet breakfast recipes she has on her blog, like her Chocolate Orange Waffles, and they turned out amazing, so I was excited to try one from her cookbook as well. I chose the Broccoli Cheddar “Egg” Cups because I’m always looking for some good savoury breakfast ideas to replace the typical ‘eggs and toast’. As a bonus, these are a perfect size for my toddler to enjoy and they make enough for a weeks worth of breakfast.

These “egg” cups were super simple and quick, with only a few ingredients. They could easily be included in a Sunday meal prep, or whipped up for a nice hot breakfast. The texture is a little different, and the chickpea flour does have a distinct flavour, but neither of these were a negative in my book.

So far this is 2/2 excellent recipes from Simply Delicious Vegan, and I am already more than comfortable recommending this cookbook to anyone interested in some easy vegan, gluten-free and oil-free recipes.

Check out the video below for my booktube review of this latest recipe, and stay tuned for part 3 of the series!

Have you tried any of the recipes from Simply Delicious Vegan? Let me know in the comments!

Check out Caitlin’s awesome blog and her cookbook here


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