Book Tour: Curry Compendium by Richard Sayce

Genre: Nonfiction, Cookbook

Date of Publication: September 1st, 2021

A big thank you to Helen Lewis, Literally PR ltd and Richard Sayce for allowing me to be a part of this Book Tour!

Most of the time when you buy a cookbook, you are buying it for the recipes, and don’t end up reading it from cover to cover. Curry Compendium is a bit different. Curry Compendium specializes in British Indian Restaurant cuisine. It features many recipes, but it also teaches the fundamentals of this cuisine, the ingredients featured in the recipes, and the methods of preparing and cooking curry. Curry Compendium starts with detailed information on how British Indian Restaurant curries work, how to manipulate the recipes, and even how to reheat the leftovers. The cookbook also includes information on curry fundamentals, the main ingredients found in the curries and the equipment you will need. Curry Compendium’s recipes rely on pre-prepared ingredients such as powder mixes and base gravies, which can be prepared ahead of time. A very helpful feature of Curry Compendium are the QR codes attached to the recipes. Scanning these codes will bring you to the Youtube video that shows how to make the recipe, which is awesome for people who like seeing the steps laid out.

I like the variety of recipes that Curry Compendium provides. I also appreciate that the main protein can easily be swapped for an alternative if you aren’t a fan of seafood or meat. I will say that these recipes are not ideal for a regular weekday dinner. The ingredients are a bit more complicated and a little harder to find, and the prep/cooking is more involved. I think these recipes would be ideal for a weekend dinner party; their complexity is a great way to impress your friends or family. If you are interested in developing your culinary prowess and learn about a new cuisine, Curry Compendium is a good place to start!

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