Hi, my name is Laura, and I’m the owner of this book blog, The Unquiet Librarian! My pronouns are she/her. I’m a 31-year-old from Edmonton, Alberta and the mother of two adorable babies. I have a B.A in Psychology with a minor in Classics, and a Masters in Library and Information Studies. I have always loved reading, but sometime around the end of my masters I just…stopped making time for it. Life started getting too busy, and I forgot to set aside time for one of my favourite pastimes. In November of 2020, I decided to put more time towards the things that I love, and to keep myself accountable, I created this blog. Joining the book community was a great way to rekindle my passion for reading, and to meet new people. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way and I lose my focus once again, but at least I have this blog to help me remember to get back on track. 

The Unquiet Librarian not only offers looks at the latest books, but also provides glimpses at upcoming releases. I love working with publicists to promote books through Book Tours. I’m currently open to Review Requests, and as of January 2022, I also offer a variety of proofreading, beta reading and editing services

My most-read genres: 

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Horror

I love to connect with others, so feel free to reach out to me through my contact page, or you can also reach out through my Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok!

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